PRI-8700 Automated Community Photosynthesis System
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     Pri-8700 is one autimated community photosynthesis system suit for long term multipoint plan community photosynthesis measurment.A rugged, weatherproof mechanical design intergated with sophisticated software,flexible chamber configuration with multiple sensors interface, server based control unit coupled with wed APP,complete system is easy to connect to either one or more than one Picarro analyzers, like G2301, G2308, G2508, G2201-I, G2131-I, G5101-I. Entire system can help scientists get community photosynthesis, even with relevant stalbe isotope.

Key Feature

  • Designed for multiple gases and isotope community photosynthesis research
  • Patented dynamic pressure balance venting system(201420354126.4)
  • Upto 6 channels standard gas interface
  • New desinged web APP for control and data analysis
  • Ethernet connectivity for remote application
  • Customized chamber, measured radius(Special request)


    Web APP(English version is coming)
            Server based control unit coupled with wed APP supply one flexible and enhanced features for complete system. It’s easy to achieve most of operation by handled device coupled browser. It’s easy to set up and control the complete system. You can look through real time raw data and history data with calculated soil flux data, either one gas or multi gases, concentration or coupled isotop. Isolated database allow you access to recheck or recalculate raw data.

    End users
            Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS; Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, CAS; Institute of Botany, CAS; Shandong Agrigculture University; Shihezi University; Inner Mongolia Agricultural University; Inner Mongolia University; Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences; Beijing Normal University; Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Gansu Desert Control Research Institute.