RhizoScan Mini-Rhizotron System
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     RhizoScan is a newly designed mini-rihizotron system and is the ideal tool to investigate fine-root growth belowground through 360° scanning. RhizoScan (patented) is the first mini-rihizotron system to be fully integrated with a scanner sensor, handheld wireless control unit (i.e. no external connector cable needed), internal power supply and indexed ruler on camera handle. Using Android software (IOS and Windows APP in development) on a tablet or mobile phone you can easily adjust the scanner, control scanning operations, record and browse images. High-capacity internal batteries allow the RhizoScan systems to operate for approximately 40 hrs of active scanning time and >72 hours of additional standby time between charges. The batteries are also replacable for remote operations when additional capacity is needed. The system contains 32G memory in the camera body and additional memory on tablet as needed by the user. Images are collected with 360° scanning at a resolution of up to 1200 dpi. Two different camera diameters are available that redily fit the most commonly used mini-rhizotron tube sizes.

Key Features

  • 360° scanning with up to 1200 dpi resolution
  • Easy wireless control with no external cable
  • High capacity internal batteries
  • Compatible to all Android devices
  • Customizable to different projects requirements and different diameter tube sizes

  • Specifications

     Scanning Window
     212 mm by 360°
     1200 dpi
     16 bit, RGB
     Internal Memory
     32 GB
     Scanning Speed
     ~20 seconds per scan at 1200 dpi
     Browser Interface
     Can be accessed using mobile phone or tablet with Wifi or USB
     Internal Power
     Li-Battery, 6200 mAH (~40 h per charge),additional capacity with replaceable batteries
     Camera Diameter 
     47 mm or 62 mm:  works with tube sizes commonly used by CID and Bartz systems
     Tube Diameters
     OD/ID: 55/49mm or 70/64mm
     Total length (i.e. camera plus handle) is customizable