PRI-8800 Automatic Alternating Temperature & Gas Sampling Device
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     Pri-8800 is one automatic alternating temperature & gas sampling device for the research of the soil respiration influenced by temperature changing. The complete system is easy to connect to either one or more than one Picarro analyzers, like G2301, G2308, G2508, G2201-I, G2131-I, G5101-I. It can also be use in many applications expect soil respiration research, other applications: Biological aerobic and anaerobic process research, high temperature plastic degradation and so on, such as microbial activity in the process of pharmaceutical, BOD and toxicity measurement, insects, breathing, biological function, containing the fermentation process of food production monitoring and so on.

Key Feature

  • Easy connection to many analyzers, such as isotopic analyzer or gas analyzer (Picarro, Licor, ect)
  • 4,9 and 16 positions (standard) sampler
  • Fully automated analysis system
  • Convenient to replace the soil bottles
  • Automatic temperature control (-20 ~ 80 ℃), the precision is better than 0.1 ℃
  • Soil temp sensor auto inserts into soil during measurement
  • Highly Efficient Gas Circulation: Double gas circuit. IF needed, the CO2 concentration of gas can be pre-treated to eliminate the inhibitory effect of initial CO2 concentration on soil respiration.
  • Efficient gas circuit design and shorten the response time
  • Flexible Calibration method to make sure the accuracy
  • Friendly software interface, easy setting management

    1) Using its automatic, continuous and rapid characteristics, the regional scale network research is carried out to reveal the Q10 variation and its control mechanism of different regions or vegetation types.Influenced by traditional culture and the test method, the researchers is hard to conducted a similar study. Although the integration analysis to a certain degree to solve this problem, but there are also high uncertainty problem caused by different experimental conditions and experimental measurement.
    2) The response of Q10 to continuous temperature change process and more real simulation temperature changes were carried out to reveal the response mechanism of soil microbial respiration to temperature change.Due to the limitation of traditional methods, most of the current researches are carried out in hours, days and weeks, and do not reveal the real temperature daily dynamics.
    3) To better carry out research on soil microorganism’s rapid change of moisture content or resources.Precipitation pulse, for example, is a common phenomenon of arid and semi-arid areas, soil microbial activity (carbon mineralization rate or nitrogen mineralization rate) response to moisture availability has been a very important and challenging scientific problems. Similarly, the response or excitation effect of soil microorganisms to external resource pulse supply is also a hot topic recently.
    4) With the improvement of equipment, especially working with 13C isotopic analysis analyzer, it is believed that there will be more applications in the field of soil organic matter turnover.


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    Control system, 16 positions sampler, choose any analyzer according to the need: Picarro isotopic analzyers (G2201-i, G2131-i, G2132-i, G5131-i), Picarro gas analyzers (G2301, G2401, G4301, G2508, ect); AGT isotopic analyzers; Licor Li-840A.